Restaurant Güterhof Schaffhausen

Renovations in 2019 have given Güterhof a splendid new look: originally constructed in 1787 near the old town of Schaffhausen, the building is a blend of modern and traditional. Historical foundation walls combine with modern furnishings to charming effect.The restaurant dazzles with its generous space concept, which features different seating and dining areas.
And when the sun is shining, you can enjoy a coffee or espresso on our large terrace directly on the Rhine.   Highlights include our weekly Sunday brunch and Cheese Fondue from November to January.

Grilled & Classic Dishes

Get your taste buds ready for our seasonal Swiss cuisine, meat and fish grilled on a hot lava stone and specialties from around the world. Swiss classics such as fried perch and Zurich-style veal are just as much a part of the Güterhof experience as our home-made sushi. We use ingredients sourced directly from our partners in the Schaffhausen region.

For lunch, choose one of our lunch menus (Mon-Fri) from the lunch menu if you want to eat quickly but still have a balanced meal. The varied à la carte menu for lunch and dinner as well as the afternoon menu round off the culinary variety.


Starters, salads and soup

Schaffhausen Riesling wine foam soup


fresh grapes

Classic Caesar salad


baby lettuce, parmesan, bacon, croutons

Seasonal leaf salad


salted granola

Colorful mixed salad - bowl


Price per person in CHF:
for 1: 12.00
for 2: 11.00
for 3: 10.00
for 4: 9.00

Salads with a choice of:


Supplements in CHF:
fried bacon: 3.00
baked perch goujons: 18.00

Dressing of your choice:


french dressing, vegan balsamic dressing, seasonal house dressing


Beef tartare

24.00 small 32.00 large

toast, garnished with onions

Zurich-style veal fricassée


Tagliatelle, cream sauce and mushrooms

Homemade veal cordon bleu


ham, Gruyère cheese, market vegetables and Güterhof fries

Pink couscous bowl

17.00 small 22.00 large

falafel, feta cheese, carrots, peas, leaf spinach

Truffle-ricotta ravioli



Güterhof Specials

Baked perch filets in a small Schaffhausen punt


fried potatoes and tartar sauce

Off the lava stone grill

Güterhof fillet of beef (160 g)


220 g: CHF 56.00
Güterhof fries, garlic Café de Paris, Maldon sea salt flakes and market vegetables

Classic «Bacon Cheese» burger


brioche bun, beef patty, cheddar, crispy bacon, gherkin, Güterhof sauce, homemade ketchup and Güterhof fries

Edamame burger


carbon bun, salad, tomatoes, gherkin, veganaise, guacamole and Güterhof fries

Small extra:


Price per person in CHF:
extra patty: 7.00

Desserts and Cheese

Toblerone mousse


double cream

Warm chocolate cake


liquid centre, vanilla ice-cream

Additional offer


For single ice cream scoops or sundaes, please ask our service staff for our ice cream menu.

Snacks (Mon-Sat) 14:00 to 18:00

Güterhof fries


ketchup, mayonnaise

Schaffhauser Riesling wine foam soup


fresh grapes

Colorful mixed salad - bowl


Choice of salad dressings:
French dressing, vegan balsamic dressing, seasonal house dressing

Colorful mixed salad - bowl - with baked perch goujons


Choice of salad dressings:
French dressing, vegan balsamic dressing, seasonal house dressing

Tarte flambée classic


bacon, spring onions, crème fraîche

Tarte flambée vegetarian


pesto, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, garden radish


Beef, veal, pork, chicken: Switzerland
Perch: Germany, breeding
Whitefish: Switzerland and Germany, wild catch

Eggs: Swiss free-range

Kitchen is open:
Monday to Saturday:

All prices are in CHF, includig VAT.